Our Philosophy of Ministry


Our Philosophy of ministry provides ethical boundaries that will guide our efforts. This reflects what we value.

People are more important than policy. Policies and procedures exist to give support, guidelines and boundaries to the people and for the people.


We will motivate through helping to get people to do things for their own reasons, fulfilling goals and fine-tuning their own visions.

We will walk in respect with others. We will clarify expectations. We will love you enough to confront you too. We will support you.


  • We believe that a staff that prays together plays together.

  • We believe that a family that prays together, plays together and stays together.

  • We believe that a church that prays and plays together will also stay together.

  • We want to offer prayer support, pastoral guidance and ministry through the Word of God.

  • We trust the Holy Spirit on the inside of you.


Every church has a philosophy of ministry. That philosophy predetermines how you will receive ministry. It predetermines how leadership will respond to your specific needs. We do not feel it is our job to make you right. We believe that Jesus makes you right (righteous). However, we do feel that it is our job to encourage you to believe and walk in that righteousness.


You will only walk in your righteousness to the degree that you have been made whole by the love of God. When you have wholeness, there is a Bible based sense of self-worth that empowers you. Wholeness brings about the participation in your new identity in Jesus. We want you to believe the truth about who you are in Jesus.


While our church has a vision, we do not ask you to give up your vision for the sake of ours. We want you to keep your vision and have your own sense of purpose in the Kingdom of God.


  1. We see one of the greatest weaknesses of the traditional church has been the dis-empowering of the people. Therefore, we say that our vision is to help you become what you desire to be and to become all that you can be in God.

  2. Positive internal motivation through relationship with Jesus and the knowledge of His Word will encourage you to achieve your goals and walk in victory.